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Welcome to resume format! Here you will find resume templates and cover page formats. You can download resume formats freely for personal uses. You can use them as resume format examples and building block for your own custom application.If you wish to share any resume format  with your friends and colleagues, feel free to share the link or use the social share option. The key to a great start is the impact. The interviewer should be impressed with the presentation of your bio-data. This paves way for a great interview. A poorly written curriculum vitae can be a big spoiler. Stay away from crowded formats, broken templates and confusing information in your CV. You can be assured about our quality. All our examples are professionally written and formatted.

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Resume template editing tips:

  • Always structure your data, CV template should be filled with limited information.
  • Keep it short and simple, words and phrases should be used wisely. Remove parts not applicable.
  • Always spell check. Always read back several times for errors.
  • Never repeat any information on the CV.
  • Your curriculum vitae should reflect the skills and competencies required for the job.
  • Sound positive and energetic to anyone reading your application.

Preformatted layouts are not for everyone!

You heard it! Not everyone is a writer. Not everyone composes good English CVs. Everybody cannot just fill the blanks and create the world’s best CV. If you cannot use our documents, just ask for our help. We can write up a great one for you. It will cost you money. It will be worth it, and you will not have to think twice before sending it across to employers. Our professional writing service is at a reasonable fee of $49 per write up. Contact us for getting started, we would need your complete details (and we don’t sell your data) to get started.

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Types of resume formats and their formatting styles

There are basically two broad types of formats or layout styles aka: functional and chronological. There is also the hybrid type which is organized in a way typically leading to a functional list of job skills, then listing the chronological list of employers. More on the major two types below:

Functional resume format

This type of doc lists the experience of your work, by role or job function. You would use it to highlight the skills and experience needed for the job. It focuses on abilities, capabilities and experience. Best suited for jobs that are specialized. Jobs that require very specific skills and professional competencies. This type of format works best with experienced people. People looking for job change. This type helps you highlight the skills first, and time length is not highlighted. As a result if you spent less time on job with the skillset. Or you had an older experience with the required skill, this works best. For executive roles of the higher order, this is the recommended layout style.

Chronological or timeline based doc

A Chronological layout, is usually set up in reverse time order. This highlights the candidates job experience in reverse order, with roles listed in all the years the person spent on each job, with title, company and other data. Education area is also covered in the same fashion. This type of a layout tries to emphasize the experience in years and through one’s climb on the rank ladder. Best suited for non specializing jobs, jobs requiring and citing experience as the key driving factor. And jobs which value gap-free experience chronograph.

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Tailor made or Custom resume format applications

One thing that has changed from the past (since year 2002) dramatically is how we apply for jobs. Today we send direct applications, mass applications, indulge in CV blasting! Well to CV template, getting hired for the jobbe honest, applying for just about any job with a single document format might not be prudent. Why I say that is because not every job is the same, and requires due attention. You try to apply a generic layout to a specific job, you failed it right there. In order to make a serious impression, about getting that dream job of yours, you will need a custom CV written for that. I am not saying you get someone to write it for you. You don’t have to rewrite the entire document again either. What i am indicating is that you highlight, move around, and edit your doc in such a manner, so as to bring the skills required for that job in the limelight.  Also equally important is to omit any negative profiling skills. Also any irrelevant experience should not be important to include.

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What to add and what not to, on your resume and the why’s


Resist that over-qualification bidThumbs up, best of luck, download out cv templates and resue formats

Such attempts to show yourself in a higher light (by showing yourself overqualified) will lead to either a disqualification, and/or the interviewer wasting mutual time going into unnecessary questions that you will find hard to answer. Trust me on this, it comes from experience. For example, if you are applying for a customer service job in a call center, due to interest or otherwise, and you have a technical degree that overqualified your, just don’t include it. If you still want to include it, take down the indirect feedback from the interviewer on it, and assure them about your seriousness of your interest in the job. This will essentially give the required assurance.

Include those appreciations

In your career, you must have got those awards, those appreciations, include those. There is a section for awards and recognition. Hiring heads love rewarded people. They are called cream of the crop. You will be able to bargain a higher salary with this edge. Mention these with specifics in very brief language if at all. This way you would want to have the interviews spend some time on your accomplishments, effectively reducing time spent on cross questioning. A real winner will lead the interviewer into asking the right questions.

Relevant qualifications & special learning

It’s always good to include relevant training, and extra learning like special courses in the resume format. Apart from adding the extra edge, it gives confidence to the head hunter. Do not overstate. Always be precise and to the point. Mention the institute or name of organization. Do mention the month/year. Any special accomplishments during your training should be mentioned too. You may include them in order of relevance or time.

Say no to fakes, Stick to the truthgenuine cv formats

Do not include anything that you do not possess. Includes skills, degrees, certifications and experience. Not only will people find out, you will end up in an embarrassing situation. You will not be able to stand genuine cross questioning on those topics. Cramming up theory is one thing, and talking from experience is another. For example, a baker will know how well you cook, if there is an interesting conversation on cupcakes irrespective of how well you mugged up the topic. Reference checks and profile scanning will most probably reveal your truth. So better stick with what you really have. Cheats never go far. There can be temporary gains. But in the long run cheats always loose.

A word about photos on your resume template.

A photo works best not only for front desk jobs but overall any job. Do not get me wrong, you don’t have to have a great face. What matters is how you are dressed up in that photo. Do you appear confident? Head hunters are impressed with people who respect dress code at place of work. your sense of dressing and discipline in well upkeep of your garments and formal appeal will hit high marks with them. No one, not even the call centers appreciate pajamas in the office all the time. We include a photo slot on all our documents for your use.

Your facebook? Twitter? It’s not a joke!job search at social networking cv

It’s quiet common for companies to hunt for information on employee social accounts. Same goes for new hires, I came across a fellow who mentioned “do not ask me for my facebook password, respect my privacy and I will respect yours”. Well that is ingenious. I am thinking about including that line on mine! But you have to take that call! Some clean and Honest people can include their social profile ids up front. Some smart people can create a duplicate id and mange it just for the employers! wow, you didn’t hear that from us.

Oh those hobbies!

leisure time hobbies and interests can find way on most applications. It is your call. A smart move is to include “compatible” hobbies like for example a tech support job requires a good polished computer guy, so hardware assembly, computer games! Now you know how to finish your application letter off in a way you can count on. So go on, and yes, please leave feedback on the individual download pages.

Cover letter margin

The Cover letters.

resume cover letter formats

In most cases it is a very good practice to download cover letter and include a custom cover letter with your application. It will be a rare case when you would not need to include a cover letter. The key is to be as precise and compact as possible with your cover. You may just include the contents in your email body instead of keeping separate attachment, in case you do not, keep your email short and simple. The most common mistake applicants make while filling up the cover letter is that they overdo it. They would go extra lengths and write a full essay. No body has the time and energy to read a mile long letter! Keep it simple! This will boost your chances at the job, trust us on that.

Print matters!

If you plan to send your CV through courier or hand it over in print, use heavy paper. Heavier paper like business bond letter paper, or a formal stationary paper will leave a lasting impression. It feels heavier in the hand, the quality is easily felt. It gives the interviewer the impression that there is something more about you that differentiates you from others. Using colors carefully chosen according to your area of work matters too. For business executives blues are always the right choice. For artists, you should use a lot of color with your best background works as stationary. It is important to be creative and find the correct match for your needs. If you want to go mono, you can use black on white, and white on back. While you work your way into filling out the blanks, remember it is futile to try and make the application look “full”. Do not try to cram the skills that you do not have or make stories up for things that sound vague. Be precise and to the point. There is no benefit in beating around the bush. This will irritate most of the employers and/or hiring staff. Some candidates would make a signature image and sign it at the end. This makes it a personal statement and considered better than the one’s without signature. We have something for most professions, if you think we are missing something.Leave us feedback. [Some websites and webmasters are so “inconvenienced ” by feedback that they would not even leave a place to send one, But we just love them. Even if it is a critic, we love to hear it. Because it is criticism that let’s us see the worst of us. Now this surely helps. Helps us improve. We do not take requests for new formats as “requests” but orders. Because our readers are most important to us. Every single one of you! we would be really delighted if you ask us for more!]

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